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#1. 口味和味道 Tastes & Flavors | 第一篇

Welcome to ABC English’s 1st published WeChat Account article. 😎

To get things started I wanted to write about something fun, light, & something that everyone loves to talk about: Food 😂❤️

And, since this is the 1st article, let’s start with something basic about food, 6 basic tastes & 4 basic flavors.

Below are the Chinese & English definitions:

Now you try to guess which English words describe each picture below and count your score. How many points did you score?
现在来测试一下你的英文水准,下图对应的英文是什么?计算出您的分数。 您得了几分?What’s your score? 🤗  Have fun sharing this article & your score with your friends and to your moments, and ask your friends to follow my new account ✌️🙏

If you want to learn more food-related English, or anything else related to English, please send me a message & I’ll write back ASAP. 👍

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