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Interview Coaching

Interview Training, the 1st stepping stone to your successful career!

ABC’s interview coaches have all previously worked in Fortune 500 companies as hiring managers with professional interview experience.

Our coaches will work with the job seeker to raise their interview skills to that next level which is required to land that new dream job.

Our coaches work with you to:

  1. Phrase your interview answers to maximize your value and gain a higher salary;
  2. Refine the answers to be concise, positive, powerful, & relevant to the interviewer;Job Interview
  3. Practice & Role Play the interview to guarantee that the answers are smooth, fluent, & natural;
  4. How to discuss the salary issue in natural, native English;
    and more…

Still not sure if our interview training can help you? Take a look at what other ABC students have to say:

“Teacher Leslie has great writing skill. I benefited a lot. 建議想增強寫作能力或是有重要文件修要修改的朋友可以請老師幫忙,老師幫我把文件修得非常美式、邏輯也很好,非常值得 :))”  Mandy 2018/11/17

“Teacher Leslie taught me how to make the resume more eye-catching, but also modified the personal biography and learned how to write a “Cover Letter“. Thank you for the valuable advice.”  Jenny 2018/10/07

Thank you ABC! You helped me to make my interview answers more persuasive and structured. Your persistence to push me to always see the big picture is very useful. Thank you for your patience, support, and encouragement.”  Rocky 2018/09/12

Leslie is a great teacher and partner with extensive experience and knowledge on interview skills. I’ve learned a lot from him, thanks for providing such a great learning experience.”  Grant  2018/07/26

ABC has great teachers. They helped my son have successful interviews, and he got offers from three UK medical schools.”  Julie Wang  2018/02/25

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