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Cross-Cultural Awareness Training

Most companies have great employees, but often stumble a bit when working with companies & their staff from different cultures.

The main reason for this difficulty is not because the employees aren’t doing a good job. In fact, they usually perform great at their jobs. But the main problem is that staff don’t fully understand the cultural differences between them & the people they communicate with.Multi-cultural meeting

To address this issue, ABC helps your staff better understand such cultural gaps through our cultural awareness training to help them better navigate past unclear cultural situations more effectively.

For example, a common situation that our trainings address is how Chinese staff often express “no” in some indirect way, hoping that their western partner will understand by themselves that their intention is to say “no”. But western businessmen have no problem to say or hear a direct “no” when that is the situation. This kind of indirect communication often results in confused & ineffective communication.

Our training formats are custom-made depending on your needs, sometimes simply a 2-hour lecture, or maybe a full-day workshop for a more thorough & effective result.

Previous clients have included Bank of China, law firms, & others.

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