#4.英文最容易忽视的错误 & 如何获得免费英语外教课

📣 Congratulations to all of the winners from our last article for the free English classes. 🎉
📣 恭喜我们上一篇文章的所有获奖者获得了免费的英语课。🎉

If you remember, the previous article, Part 1 of 3, shared the 1st Rule about when to use “a/an” or “the” when describing a noun.
如果您还记得的话,上一篇文章(1部分3部分分享了描述名词时何时使用 “a/an” 或 “the” 的第一个规则

Did you find the 1st Rule – “Oh, that one!” – useful to improve your English writing skills? As promised, here are the correct answers to those practice exercises from that article so you can compare with your answers:
您是否觉得第一条规则–“, 那个!”–对提高您的英语写作技能很有用吗?前面承诺给大家的,这是上一篇文章中练习的正确答案,因此您可以将其与答案进行比较:
  1. Put your books on _the_ floor.
  2. We played in _the_ ocean.
  3. _The_ grass is very green & soft.
  4. Please turn on _the_ TV.
  5. _The_ food here is very good.
  6. Look at _the_ blue sky! 
  7. Please bring in _the_ dry laundry from _the_ balcony.

Did you fill in all of the blanks correctly? Great job!

Now let’s move on to the 2nd Rule:


  1. There is ______ coffee shop on my street. There is ______ restaurant next to ______ coffee shop. I often drink coffee in ______ coffee shop, but I don’t like ______ restaurant.
  2. In my bedroom is ______ bed. Next to ______ bed is ______ table. I put ______ alarm clock on ______ table. ______ alarm clock wakes me up every morning.

  3. My classroom has ______ whiteboard and ______ globe. There is ______ window in the room. Sometimes I open ______ window if I’m hot.

  4. We had ______ test yesterday. ______test was very difficult.

  5. I like my smart phone. It has ______ calculator, ______ camera, and ______ alarm clock. I never use ______ calculator, but I often use ______ camera.

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Stay tuned for the next article when we describe the last rule, Rule #3: “What Kind is It?” 😎
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