#3.英文语法:“A/An”和“The”(Part 1)

I hope that you enjoyed our last article where we shared funny translation and spelling mistakes.

This article is the 1st article in a short series on the slightly more serious grammar topic about when to use the words “a” or “the”.
本文开始了一个简短的系列文章,内容是关于使用 “a” 或 “the” 的,这是一个较严肃的语法主题。

Many English learners get confused about when to use “a/an” vs. “the” in front of most nouns. This difficulty is easy to understand because the Chinese language doesn’t really have this grammar. 😝
许多英语学习者对于何时在大多数名词前面使用 “a/an” 与 “the” 感到困惑。这很容易理解,因为中文没有这种语法。😝

Just remember 3 simple rules and you will be able to choose the right word every time just like a native English speaker 😊

Let’s begin by reviewing that the meaning of the two words “a” or “an” are exactly the same and the only difference is that “an” is used when the following noun begins with a vowel (元音): “a, e, i, o, u”. For example, “a teacher” or “a ring”, but an apple” or “an elephant”. ✌️
让我们首先回顾一下两个单词 “a” 或 “an” 完全相同。唯一的区别是,当以下名词以元音开头时,将使用 “an”:“a, e, i, o, u“。例如,“a teacher” 或 “a ring”, 但 “an apple” 或 “an elephant”。✌️

In this 1st article in this 3-article series I introduce the 1st rule that we will study:

  1. Put your books on ______ floor.
  2. We played in ______ ocean.
  3.  ______ grass is very green & soft.
  4. Please turn on ______ TV.
  5. ______  food here is very good.
  6. Look at ______ blue sky!
  7. Please fold ______ dry laundry hanging on ______ balcony.

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