#6.初学者英文最容易忽视的错误 (Part 3/3)

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In this last article in this very basic 3-part series, we finish up on the 3 rules of when to use “a/an” or “the” for describing nouns. This 3-part series might seem more relevant for beginner students. However, these 3 basic rules are actually extremely useful and relevant to all English students. In fact, according to my over 10-years’ experience as an English teacher here in Shanghai, I do see this problem again and again in even my most advanced students‘ writing.
在这个非常基本的3部分系列的最后一篇文章中,我们完成了何时使用 “a/an” 或 “the” 描述名词的3条规则。 这个分为三部分的系列与初学者更相关。 但是,这3条基本规则实际上非常有用,并且与所有英语学生相关。 实际上,根据我在上海的十多年英语老师的经验,即使在我最优秀的学生的写作中,我也一次又一次地看到这个问题。

Can you still remember what is Rule #1 (discussed in Part 1)? Right! “Oh, that one!
您还记得第一条规则吗(在第1部分中讨论)? 对! “哦,那个!”

And remember that Rule #2 (discussed in Part 2) was “1st Time, 2nd Time

As promised, here are the correct answers to the practice exercises from Rule #2:

  1. There is _a_ coffee shop on my street. There is _a_ restaurant next to _the_ coffee shop. I often drink coffee in _the_ coffee shop, but I don’t like _the_ restaurant.
  2. In my bedroom is _a_ bed. Next to _the_ bed is _a_ table. I put _an_ alarm clock on _the_ table. _The_ alarm clock wakes me up every morning.
  3. My classroom has _a_ whiteboard and _a_ globe. There is _a_ window in the room. Sometimes I open _the_ window if I’m hot.
  4. We had _a_ test yesterday. _The_ test was very difficult.
  5. I like my smart phone. It has _a_ calculator, _a_ camera, and _an_ alarm clock. I never use _the_ calculator, but I often use _the_ camera.

Did you fill in all of the blanks correctly? Great job! 👍
您是否正确填写了? 很好!👍

Now let’s finish this 3-part series about when to use “a/an” or “the” by reviewing the last ruleRule #3:
现在,通过回顾最后一条规则-规则3,完成有关何时使用 “a/an” 或 “the” 的三部分系列文章:

Try to fill in the following blanks with either “a/an” or “the” :
尝试用 “a/an” 或 “the” 填充以下空白:

  1. There is ______ bed in my bedroom. It is ______ very comfortable bed.
  2. ______ coffee shop on my street is ______ very good coffee shop. ______ restaurant next to ______ coffee shop is ______ very expensive restaurant.
  3. Sarah is ______ engineer and she is trying to solve ______ difficult problem.
  4. This book is ______ very colorful book.
  5. We have ______ English test tomorrow which I think will be ______ easy test.
  6. I have _____ good computer, but ______ printer is too old. I want to get _____new printer.

Practice Exercises:

Below are two short stories for you to practice the three rules that we have learned over the last 3 articles. Now try to fill in the following blanks using “a/an” or “the” according to Rules #1, #2, & #3:
以下是两个简短的故事,供您练习过去三篇文章中学到的三个规则。现在,根据规则#1, #2和#3,尝试使用 “a/an” 或 “the” 填写以下空格:

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