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#5. How American’s Celebrate Their 4th of July

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This weekend, on Saturday, July 4th, America celebrated their 244th birthday! As an American, my local Chinese friends often asked me “Teacher Leslie, how do most Americans usually celebrate their 4th of July holiday?” So, I thought that answering this question would be an appropriate topic for this week’s article.
这个周末,即7月4日,星期六,美国庆祝了自己的244岁生日! 作为美国原住民,我经常被本地中国朋友问到“老师莱斯利,美国人通常如何庆祝7月4日假期?” 因此,我认为回答这个问题将是合适本周的话题。

Unsurprisingly, like with most other popular American holidays, food & booze plays a large part in this holiday’s celebration. Since the weather on July 4th in most of the states is usually pretty hot and sunny, most Americans like to leverage the chance to get together and celebrate by throwing a party and letting their hair down outside with their friends and family with a picnic or BBQ in their backyards or some local park. With that in mind, what kinds of food might you guess are popular on July 4th?
毫不奇怪,就像在美国其他大多数受欢迎的假期中一样,食物和酒精饮料在这个假期的庆祝活动中起着很大的作用。 而且由于7月4日美国大部分地区的天气通常非常炎热和晴天,因此大多数美国人都喜欢借此机会聚一聚搞个party放松一下,在后院或一些当地公园与朋友和家人一起野餐或烧烤,以庆祝户外活动。 考虑到这一点,您认为7月4日会流行哪种食物?

Food that pops into my mind includes BBQ ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, fried chicken, corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw, potato salad, watermelon, lemonade, beer, and, course, apple pie. If you guessed any of these foods, then maybe you know more about this holiday celebration than you thought, great job! 😊
立即出现在我脑海中的食物包括烧烤排骨,汉堡包,热狗,炸鸡,烧烤鸡,玉米棒子凉拌卷心菜,土豆沙拉,西瓜,柠檬汁,啤酒,当然还有苹果派, 如果您猜不到其中任何一种食物。那么也许您对这次节日庆典的了解比您想象的要多,干得好! 😊

While food & drink certainly play a big part of America’s modern-day July 4th fun, besides party-goers enjoying picnics and barbecues (BBQ), we Americans also usually participate in some other traditional activities such as parades, fireworks, and outdoor concerts.

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