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#2. Funny Translations & Misspellings

I hope that you had fun learning about English flavors & tastes in our last article. In this article I also want to share some fun & entertainment with some funny Chinglish translations or misspellings on signs that I have seen around, & I have offered better translations or correct spelling to help you improve your English skills 😊
希望您在上一篇文章中对英语的口味和味道有所了解。 在本文中,分享一些搞笑的中式英语翻译和错误拼写中的乐趣,这些翻译是现实生活中或许你也见过的一些标志,同时还提供了更好的翻译以帮助您提高英语水平😊

Lake Vile
Bacteria King Sauce
Get off the bridge
Domestic Garbage
Deformed Man Toilet
Squatting Pan
Water Depth Danger
Old Explosive Bullfrog
A Small Step Forward
Win a free 15-minute English class with one of our professional trainers* by being the 1st to send in a message with the best correct translation of this common phrase. 👍⭐️😝😎 Just follow our account to be eligible to win this valuable prize.
如何获得奖励?请你发送以上中文句子的翻译给本公众号,第一位发送并且翻译最佳者即可与我们的一位专业母语讲师免费获得一对一英语课(15分钟)*。⭐️😝😎 点此关注公众号  👇

You can also win a free 15-minute English class with one of our professional trainers* by being one of the first ten followers to post this article for over 15 minutes to either your moments without grouping, or to any other English-related WeChat group, and then send the screen shot to our WeChat account.

*Each follower can only win one free class per article.

I hope that you can also send us your favorite funny translations or misspellings, or any English-related questions & I’ll write back ASAP. 

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